Tuesday, February 07, 2006

THE CONTAINER (Assemblage), White series

The Container (Assemblage)

Trivial things, everyday life, common practices seem to always have mixed here with abstract, mental or speculative perspectives; through a complex space given by different functions , histories, classes and representations.
The wide spectrum of objects (ready-made/ready-made aided) used as simple forms with in a work of art, range from simply placed day to day objects where in it needs a cultural function, may it be to particular society (that which is ruled by industrial/consumer society) or directly to the personal life of an individual ( that which involves natural forms other than industrial products).
Within this set premise my operations trigger the aspects of industrialisation, technology, consumerism, violence, innovations and defence strategies. The body of my work which involves ready-made objects to the plaster casts of my hands gives it a personal touch to the extent of being freezed in the work/act. The whole work bathed in glittering white, playing with shadows, gives the applied objects a sense of vision and a new dimension is added to the identity of the object. This time freezing moment colloids on the occasion of 50 years of independent India, just to give us a time to rethink about our existence.
Reflecting the cultural matrix of human existence, this dialectic overlapping of the context is paraphrased into experimental definitions. This does not perhaps invoke the immutable truth but probably it stands as a signifying truth of regulating a meaning- sometimes Universal.

Duppati Sudhir Kumar
1997, Mumbai.


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