Friday, February 10, 2006


I have a duel concern here which focuses on the spiritual and material aspects of life. My attempt is to zero in on these feelings and decode them conceptually: The fragments of the installation are my personal expressions, symbols, references and experiences, which I formulated to articulate my ideas. In the process the objects in my work signifies the ‘about ness’ of forms, which are metaphors that identify the departure of a particular conscious state of mind into a surreal existence. The multivalency of objects refer to the notion of life and their impending values in society. Therefore, the installed cube is itself a parcel designed with consumerists connotations on the exterior symbolising materialism, while the interior is created to provide a space with contradicting elements representing war and peace. Such a concept is intended to freeze TIME.
'Entrance view, Gallery built with wood and canvas, Alliance Francaise De Hyderabad, 1999.


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