Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Altered Space
After perusing Art Criticism, my area of interest has in the process become more conceptual, in the sense that fundamental questions about art still needed more inquiry and clarity. My critical analysis gave way to this mode of expression. Together with the plastic medium, my concern touched upon the conventions of gallery viewing. This triggered off into site-specific work, as my focus was to bring forth a change in the display methods while exercising the notion of Installation Art. My works are designed to alter the gallery space. So this becomes my central theme and this is what I have dealt within this show. Upon pondering about the most unusual places, the display becomes my space of interest. Although an attempt is made to use the sculptural medium together with painting and found objects, I believe that an atmosphere in a created environment becomes a part of the work, most often artistic/aesthetic. So also my work find their place at different levels like pillars and the floors, which can be identified, as site-specific.
Sudhir Kumar Duppati

'Altered Space', Alliance Francaise De Hyderabad, 1997.


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