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When I met my soul

When I met my soul

My installation “When I met my soul,” investigates an experiential reflective tour of the human story. By using contrasting visuals from the material and spiritual world my attempt is to evoke a sense of immediate understanding about the two kinds of human experiences.

It is not only to explore and understand the dualities and sometimes-contradictory nature of human existence, but also to demystify this contradiction in our society and emphasize the need for a greater awareness of the consequences and contributions of our actions. Existential contradictions and dualities of all things and beings to me are paradoxical when a purpose of life is envisaged. This self-awareness or you may call it higher consciousness or even Meta-consciousness (Jonathan Schooler) has a possibility to evoke a spiritual growth. An immediate need for such a state of mind is proposed in this site where a central space is created to meditate and contemplate the presence and absence of human soul.
meanwhile, it is time to pause and contemplate on the inhuman actions not just to think but also to act by revisiting the elements of our life- Live and let live, in which there is hope for a sustainable future. Experiencing different cultures while working and practicing art in national and international art institutes, has enabled me to understand existing human conditions. Religion, science and the spiritual worlds have been my topics of engagment in my quest to know the truth. The truth that can emancipate life's resources and libarate the soul from its bondage with the unimpending material manifestaions.
The following work was done in Washington DC in an artist residency at Wesley Seminary Henry Luke III Centre for Art and Theology. Later it was exhibited in Tamarind Art Musuem, NY. I used aproximately 20 craft blades/knifes to draw into 160 boxes. I gave myself a task to atleast design and draw 10 boxes a day. but i did take around 20 days to complete these boxes. The 3200 threads were tied in one day with the help of Rosanne, Rupa, Rekha, Brandon and Eldina. The plaster cast is a impression or Allison's (American University Post Grad Student in Painting) hand who volunteered to spare her hand for four hours while i took the mould. Thanks to you all.

Material used:
woolen Yarn: 300mt X 40 rolls Approximately 3200 hangings
Carton Boxes: 156 each measuring 31" X 24" X 13"
One Female hand Plaster Cast
Area of the Exhibit 232" X 240"

The New York Show at Tamarind Gallery 2007-2008


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Really Impressive - I am glad. SHivaji.

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Than You Shivaji. cheers

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